[10/12/2016]Optical Table Simulator!
Optical Table Optical Table Simulator Premiere!
Something that started as a few day experiment but took many years to complete as a mature application. Now made public!

What is it?
Silverlight based 2D optical table simulator modeling various optical phenomena. A very precise, advanced and flexible optics editor with fast ray tracing engine.

What can I use it for?
  • For education
  • For experimentation, physics learning.
  • For graphics design of cool ray tracing effects
  • For fun!
Try it yourself, it is completely free. Please let me know if you like it.
You can also create and submit your projects and share with others.

Go to the Optical Table Simulator.
* Silverlight 5 is required therefore using Internet Explorer is highly recommended.
[5/2/2015]Improved Palabra 2.0
Palabra icon Palabra 2.0 with many improvements is available for download!
Recently I became a frequent user of my own Palabra as am I going to go to Japan and I need to refresh my Japanese language skills. While using it I found a few bugs or irritating behaviours. I also redesigned the popup screen to get a nice look. The application is more mature now and better adjusted for Windows 7. Possibly Windows 8 as well, but I since I am not a big fan of this new OS I haven’t tested it there. Therefore if you find any issues please let me know.
The latest version is available in Palabra section as usually. Feel free to use it. I would be happy to get you feedback or any lessons you created and wish to share with others.
See available lessons in Palabra resources section.
[1/31/2012]A few improvements to AsfBin
New version - of AsfBin is out!
What's in this version?
  • Improved precision of resulting file duration when joining many files together.
  • Added support for UTF-8 text files when importing markers, scripts and attributes. With this improvement any languages like e.g. Japanese, Arabic can be used when adding markers, scripts or when setting file attributes.
  • AsfBin can fix files that were having incorrect entries in the metadata object preventing it from playing by major video players.
The latest AsfBin command line tool can be found as usually here.
The window version is going to be released shortly.
[12/11/2011]After 9 years of silence - New SubCreator is out!!!
SubCreator icon
Finally great news not only for hardcore users.
SubCreator version 1.4 is ready for downloads!
As planned this is an updated version of SubCreator with lots of improvements and fixes.
These are amongst others:
  • Improved movie playback. Now playing through DirectShow Enhanced Video Renderer as default.
  • Added MPL2 subtitle format support.
  • Easy to use installer added.
  • Help system converted to a HTML help to make it working under Windows 7.
  • Improved visual appearance of the main application window.
  • Lots of bug fixes around processing subtitles and general functionality.
More on new version of SubCreator can be found in the SubCreator section.
[8/16/2011]New asfbin without the "Human Test"
I have received a critial feedback on the "human test" I had introduced in the previous vesion of Asfbin to mitigate some cases of it being overused as a slave worker to some so called "GUI" tools. This was mostly around cases when legitimate non-commecial users had problems with running in batch processing mode.
Therefore I decided to get rid of this test completely.
This version also contains a fix for the out-of-memory issue when processing files over 2GB in size having a script command stream in it.
The new AsfBin release can be found in the AsfBin section.
[12/20/2010]Merry Christmas to All!
This year Christmas Tree will be full of presents: All versions of AsfBin (Command line, Windows and Linux) with the latest updates and hopefully running with no major glitches. This build fixes recently discovered by me issue when processing audio files or files resulting will only audio streams in output.
The latest AsfBin releases can be found in the AsfBin section.
[12/4/2010]Asfbin 1.8.1 for Linux
Thanks to Linux community members' help I was able to release a fresh Linux version of Asfbin command line tool, that is based on the latest ASF processing engine, the same as in the latest AsfBinWin release.
The refreshed Linux version can be found in the AsfBin section.
[12/1/2010]AsfbinWin 1.8.1 with many fixes
AsfBinWin icon Now available with a lot of important fixes!
What has been fixed and improved in this version:
  • Attribute setting dialog
  • Markers dialog
  • Script commands dialog
  • Enter should no longer close the application
I am encouraging you to download the latest version, which can be found in the AsfBin section.
[11/18/2010]AsfbinWin update just a few days away!
As it comes with new releases they have always some bugs. AsfbinWin is no exception, but we are working hard to fix them as soon as possible.
Also a Linux version is almost ready to be relased!
[11/7/2010]FINALLY! New Windows version of Asfbin released!
The long awaited AsfBinWin 1.8.0 release!
An easy to use, reliable and as powerful as asfbin command line tool for processing ASF and WMV files. You will no longer need a third-party Windows interface. No more hassle with command line switches!
Now comes with Video Preview Window!
Preview is tightly integrated with asfbin functionality, so it means that if a file is damaged, but asfbin can process it, preview should work as well.

Go to AsfBin section to download the latest version.

Important improvements in AsfbinWin version 1.8.0:
  • Video preview window with stream selection added allowing to select precisely fragments out of processed files.
  • AutoComplete feature added for all path edit boxes.
  • Ability to invert selected ranges by just one button click.
  • Improved range slider.
  • Logging capability added. You can select one of 3 available verbosity levels when writing to the log file.
  • You can load and save Script Commands and Markers to and from external files.
[10/24/2010]Site migrated to ASP.NET
The site has been migrated to ASP.NET technology to allow us making changes and updates much easier. We expect however the possibility to have some technical difficulties during initial days of the run, for what we are sincerely apologizing.
This move has been done to prepare the site for the major releases that are going to happen pretty soon. Stay tuned!
[10/26/2009]A new ASF compliance verification tool
This a fresh release of AsfValidator command line tool based on AsfBin code!
It can verify if the input ASF file conforms with Advanced Systems Format (ASF) Specification Revision 01.20.02 and to what extent.
All warnings and errors are reported through utility return value. Thus it can be easily used for some automation processes. It's free for evaluation purposes.
Please, go to a new AsfBin Tools section to download latest binaries and to get more info.

This tool is release along with the latest version of asfbin!
It is available in AsfBin section.
[6/3/2008]AsfBin for Linux
A first release of AsfBin for Linux is available!
Proceed to the download section to check it out.
Tested on Redhat Linux, Ubuntu and CentOS.
[5/19/2008]Palabra update
Palabra update to version 1.1 and new lessons are available in the Palabra section.
What's new version 1.1:
  • Lesson editor equipped with copy/paste capabilities,
  • Corrected some crashes.
There are 6 new lessons added: Japanese, English and Polish basics lessons. Because Palabra resource section will be updated frequently, so if you are interested in updates, please wisit it frequently.
[5/12/2008]A new AsfBin build!
AsfBin - version 1.7.1 released and ready for download!
What's new in this version:
  • rewritten sample packing algorithm,
  • added DMO support when recompressing video,
  • added -infohdr switch to show all info from ASF header,
  • added -optps switch that calculates the optimal size of the packet size to minimize data padding,
  • corrected timing of script commands and markers stored in the header,
  • removed size limitation of record data in metadata objects in header.
The new version is available in AsfBin section.
[5/9/2008]Palabra! Learn while working. Its easy!
Palabra icon Palabra - absolutely fresh software free for download.
This time I would like to share with you a software, which I was looking for a long time but as usually there wasn't any that would fulfill my high requirements. Palabra means a word in spanish... and sounds nicely :) But apart from this it is why Palabra was mainly created for - learning words. Currently you can create any lesson you wish using a flexible editor.
In short, Palabra is meant to periodical asking you from questions included in the lesson meantime gathering marks for answers and determining a schema for subsequent repetitions to make learning process as effective as possible.

What distinguish Palabra among other similar programs is maximum simplicity of use, possibility to edit a lesson, make corrections on each stage of its learning. Simple example - only 3 key presses are required to learn one question: Enter for showing an answer, key 2,3,4 or 5 to mark yourself and finally Enter for skipping to a next question.

On the beginning you will find on my web pages sample Spain lessons. Next I am planning on putting some Japanese lessons for you. I hope, that the number of lessons will be growing fast, thanks to you as well. I am opened for all your opinions about this new software but now I am pleased to invitite you to the Palabra section, where you can download and try the first public release.
[3/29/2008]New software upcomming
Long time no news on my site. I was a little busy with my office works as well with improving asfbin. But in the meantime I have written a brand new software supporting learning foreign languages (but can support any other learning topic as well). Please visit my site soon.
[4/26/2007]AsfBin 1.6.1 was made public

AsfBin version 1.6.1 is ready for download!

This version corrects some minor bugs that got to the last release. Detailed description can be found in What's New section as well as in the whatsnew.txt file included in this release. Follow this link in order to download the latest version.
[2/22/2007]AsfBin Version 1.6 is ready!
Finally the buggy jitter correction algorithm implemented since version 9 in MS Windows Media Players was defeated!
It was possible thanks to adding to AsfBin an audio decompression feature and thus making real sample duration measurement possible.
The old algorithm which was after all giving decent results was replaced by a new advanced junction optimization algorithm resulting in smooth connections between audio tracks without any unnecessary gaps. Of course, since audio samples are not reencoded a single pop sound can be heard where the files are joined together.

A new AsfBin has also many other features. Error correction engine was made so robust it can correct almost all cases submitted to me last time.
To download the latest version, please proceed to AsfBin download section.
[11/15/2006]AsfBin 1.6.1 was made public
Yes! HostItNow company which is hosting my site got visitors! They changed my site to some garbage filled with some dangerous stuff. Thanks to one of my users who reported that my site is down I noticed that HostItNow.com became HostItLater.com. Unfortunately nobody from their staff were gracious enough to take proper steps in order to solve that problem.

Anyway, it forced me to switch to a new hosting company and a new site design... at last!!!

I think that the following days will be abound with lots of corrections and making changes. Japanese an Polish versions will be blocked for a while. Please, forgive me in advance for some site errors and inconsistencies.
[4/19/2006]AsfBin 1.6.1 was made public
AsfBin Version 1.5 is out!
Together with a fully functional GUI version, at last!

It's almost a year since releasing the first version of AsfBin and now it comes the huge update include a new improved command line version together with window application providing the same level of functionality and clear user interface.
The most important feature is the ability to cut ASF files regardless of key frame placement.
In other words, you can cut whereever you want!

In order to find more information and download the new version, please proceed to AsfBin download section.
[12/9/2005]Not only bug fixes - AsfBin 1.1 is out!
It was high time to release a new version of AsfBin, because quite a long time ago people were reporting problems with repairing some ASF files.
The fix was ready but I was in the meantime of making a lot of changes in engine. Also this time there are plenty of new features many people were awaiting with highest anticipation:
  • saving segments to a separate ASF files,
  • inverting selection, so you can easily point the fragment to be deleted,
  • adding markers and commands (at last!),
  • delaying selected streams (not necessarily audio streams),
  • printing out information on key frames location,
  • control over the type of indexing,
  • cutting fragments adjusted precisely to key frames locations,
  • plus a lot of improvements in the parsing engine.
Go to the AsfBin download section section to get the latest version.
[8/5/2005]AsfBin C++ source codes are ready.
Together with the latest release of asfbin I have made a
full asfbin C++ source codes available.
The product comes in two version: full and DLL only. Both versions contains just released AsfBin GUI version sources.
For more information proceed to the AsfBin download section. Free limited version of AsfBin will be available on-line as soon as possible.

[8/4/2005]Now AsfBin has a user friendly interface. :-)
At last some window version of AsfBin is READY!

This is a very early version containing basic functionality but still, it is based on the latest version of asfbin - this time this is version, which is also made available in the AsfBin download section.
This version fixes several bugs reported by people and has significantly improved reliability and resistance to more severe ASF file errors including data packet and header errors. Indices are ignored as usually.
[6/8/2005]AsfBin problems with Windows 9x fixed
Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to test AsfBin "strongly" under any Windows 9x system. Before the tool wasn't able to open files unders Windows 95, 9x and Me. This major bug was fixed together with other bugs. Also a header parsing code was greatly improved.
The latest version is as usually available in the download section. The archive contains a WhatsNew.txt file which describes in details all the fixes contained in version 1.0.2.
[5/30/2005]Some minor bugs dicovered in AsfBin
Right after releasing I found some bugs in the AsfBin code.
Now they are already corrected and the new version 1.0.1 is available in the AsfBin download section.
[5/27/2005]At last, AsfBin!
After a year long wait a new tool for ASF processing, AsfCut successor
ASFBIN version 1.0 is READY!
It is totally independent from Microsoft software, binarily processes ASF files, and has a lot of new features! AsfBin is compatible with the latest ASF specification, thus it can handle WMV HD files as well.

Go to the AsfBin section to download the new software.
[4/3/2005]New tool on the horizon.
AsfBin, the successor of old AsfCut has been announced.
[5/10/2004]Hungarian version of SubCreator help is ready.
Thanks to Qvik a Hungarian version of SubCreator 1.2 help could be created and is made available to download. Go to SubCreator Language section if you want download this particular langauge version of help.
Language Versions section.
[3/10/2004]Complete source for SubCreator help system made on-line.
I have made on-line all sources necessary to generate SubCreator 1.2 help system to those people who are willing to make translations to other languages. The files are available as a single RAR archive and are available in Language Versions section for SubCreator.
[2/13/2004]Problems with accessing RadioactivePages.com
Since 5th February I was moving the whole site to another site provider. Some unforeseen problems occured and the site was not accessible till today. Therefore I would like to apologize for all the inconveniece it could cause.
[8/14/2003]Small corrections to AsfCut. Version 3.92 is ready.
During code review I have discovered some minor bugs in the latest version of AsfCut. Also tests performed on some Japanese OS showed that AsfCut may improperly convert text containing international characters. This relates to all input data that is command line parameters as well as all input text files.
Therefore in this version AsfCut converts all strings using currenty selected system locale (set in Reginal Settings).
A bug causing the audio streams not to be played in some rare cases was also removed.
[7/23/2003]Lots of impovements in a new 3.9 version of ASFCut!
As I have discovered a lot of things hidding behind the ASF format a lot of things has been also changed in the new version of AsfCut. First of all, processing files should be more accurate. Frame losing should now never happen.
From now on there will be two versions of AsfCut executable:
-  supporting new Windows Media Services 9 (only with this version it is possible to copy codecs description properly; lack of this information however doesn't have any impact on file playback),
-  working with all versions of Windows Media Services.

Aside from that the version 3.9 features:
  • a new -pre switch, which forces AsfCut to start copying right before specified start time. This ensures that no matter how key frames are distributed across the input files, given fragment will be entirely included in the output file (*),
  • stream mutual exclusion object is properly copied,
  • removed -noaudioresync switch as this feature is no longer necessary,
  • added -bw <milliseconds> switch to set desired buffer window time. It is usefull if you get a message that a leacky bucket was overflowed. In such cases you won't lose samples but playback may be non-linear in some places.
  • corrected bug causing markers from the second or further files not being copied at all,
  • improved shifting audio streams when a time offset is negative.
* - see Readme.txt for more details

Proceed to download section.
[4/18/2003]Version 3.5 of ASFCut is out!
At last a new version 3.5 of AsfCut has been made available online! I have good news to those who could be disappointed with quality of processing provided version 3.0. Especially when it came to processing WMV files.
The nastiest bug has been removed!
I was hoping to receive some help from Microsoft SDK team, as it was caused by a bug in the Windows Media Format SDK, but finally I had to do it myself.

Here is what's new in the version 3.5 apart from solving that bug:
  • The chronological order of segments is completely unlimited. Thus, any repetitions, overlapping and other effect are possible to achieve by use of this tool.
  • Improved editing of audio files. When copying audio files (*.WMA) all samples times are modified to avoid accidental losing of samples. To prevent changing time of audio samples use -noaudioresync switch.
  • Improved handling of damaged files. Method of restart after stream error was improved as well.
  • Corrected extraction of short segments (shorter than about 10 seconds depending on file).
  • Removed bug causing some extracted segments to lose audio. However the reason is unknown and it is still possible to lost audio in some rare cases. See Known bugs section for more details.
Proceed to download section.
[2/26/2003]Donation can be made online
For all of you, who would like to encourage further development of the software shared to you on my web site (that is: SubCreator, AsfCut and BinVote) I have prepared a special page, where you would be able to make an online donation in any amount through the Kagi payment service.
Any donations are highly appreciated :) Jump to Donations page.
[2/11/2003]Site moved to an independent domain!
At last I have moved my whole site to a new domain. From now on I am using a different service provider. I hope that this will give me more possibilities to extent my site functionality as well as software itself.
I hope that the move won't cause to many problems to you.
[1/16/2003]BinVote premiere
I am proud to present you a brand new application - BinVote, which main goal is correction of audio files. In particular, removing jitter correction errors and other glitches that could appear after grabbing damaged or scratched audio CD. When even that application like EAC wouldn't be able to grab an audio track with no errors, then in such case you can use BinVote in order to make a direct correction of just read audio signal (WAV file). Only damaged areas are corrected so the modified amount of data is minimal and usual it is about 0.01%.
Please go to the new section describing the details of BinVote.
Using BinVote not only you can restore audio files, but you can also correct any kind of files. Basing on multiple copies of that file you can likely restore the original content although all those copies are damaged. The method of reconstruction is based on simply method - voting. From that comes the name BinVote - Binary Voting.
[1/10/2003]With New Year a new web site layout.
Maybe not quite new site graphics, but the layout has been totally changed. It is prepared to adopt a new application. There are also some changes in the SubCretor section. A new topic, "SubCreator Language Versions" has been added.
Section "About" was expanded and a new page devoted to my second big hobby, electronics, has been added. There you can read about a Hi-Fi amplifier I have made myself.
[11/4/2002]There a solution for the most painful ASFCut 3.0 bug!
For a long time there was quite serious bug in ASFCut. Key frames of size bigger then certain value were being lost during copying of WMV files. Thus ASFCut for some people could be totally unusable :(
However, finally I have got some help from Microsoft staff in this matter, so now I able to solve it. New version is already tested but the workaround is a heuristic algorithm and it needs some tests to be performed. Soon expect release of a new version - ASFCut 3.1 is coming!!!
[10/2/2002]ASFCut 3.0 is out!
At last! After a lot of hours spent on testing and correcting I am ready with the release of the next version of ASFCut. This time it is next full number 3.0 as it has totally rewritten engine in order to add some new features.

What's new in version 3.0:
  • possibility to shift audio streams in respect to video and script streams,
  • possibility to set attributes like Title, Author, Description...
  • more options when it comes to repairing of damaged ASF files,
  • improved accuracy of cutting and marker copying,
  • all samples are ALWAYS sorted chronologically, so even if in a source there are some errors they will be corrected.
  • removing gaps feature was added allowing to repair certain types of irregularities.
Of course as before, all features can be applied simultaneously so cutting, joining, repairing and shifting audio stream can be done in one single pass. Command line parser is as flexible as it can be, so use of ASFCut tool shouldn't be a problem even for users with minimum experience in using command line tools. To download the newer version please, go to this page.
[8/9/2002]SubCreator 1.2 - some corrections needed :-(
Unfortunately even in this version some bugs were found. One of them is especially dangerous. When closing, SubCreator asks to save unsaved document. If you choose "Cancel" SubCreator will close anyway discarding all changes has been made!!! So for now please be careful. Very soon a corrected release should appear.
[8/9/2002]Localization of SubCreator help on the way.
Apparently there are some nice, hard-working people in the world who want to devote their precious time to make a translation of SubCreator help file to their native languages. Here they are:
  • Frans van Beers - Dutch,
  • Ivan Krasimiroff - Bulgarian.
All volunteers are sincerely welcomed. It would be very nice to have also other translations as well. Especially German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese... All what is required is good knowledge of English, persistence in work and some amount of spare time :-)
[8/6/2002]100.000 Hits !!!!!
Of course I have missed the moment. Now a counter shows above 102000 hits!
Cool, this is really cool, hehe hehe hehe ;-)))
But where is champagne?
[7/12/2002]New version of SubCreator released - 1.2
Unfortunately there where some bugs, especially in part responsible for editing and creating new subtitles. Of course there is also some new features:
  • Text encoding setting from menu Edit | Encoding. Encoding is stored separately for each language installed in the system.
  • Behavior of Ctrl-W and Ctrl-Q shortcuts (Add/Increase timestamp) can be switched to work as in version 1.0.
  • New Processing function: automatic line duration adjustment basing on text length and number of words. Parameters in the formula can be estimated on any other existing and well timed subtitle. Just open that subtitle and in the Action configuration press "Get Stats" button.
  • Ctrl-Shift-A shortcut sets stop time for a give line.
  • All code was reviewed to increase stability and to make easier finding any strange behavior.
Go to the Download section for the new version.
[4/8/2002]Download statistics
Analyzing statistics I can say that so far there are at least 2500 users of a new version of SubCreator and what is more surprising me is that about 20% of user are from Japan. So far only one bug report. Maybe I am wrong and there aren't that many users of SubCreator. So, if you have detected any bug or if you have some cool ideas on how to improve the application, please, don't hesitate, just mail me. Can be also in Japanese:)) I started to learn this language half a year before!
My e-mail address is
[2/26/2002]Language support issue
Unfortunately not all languages are supported by SubCreator 1.1. I totally forgot about right-to-left reading languages like Hebrew or Arabic. Those languages weren't tested at all and some people are reporting bugs concerning improper handling of question marks.
[2/19/2002]SubCreator version 1.1 is out!!!
Finally next version of SubCreator is ready!
In this version I've placed emphasis on bugs correction, improving edition and stability. You will find also a lot of new functionality. Below is a list of more important improvements.

New features in version 1.1:
  • This version should hopefully support all characters specific to "non-English" languages under Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Because those operating systems do not support applications using Rich Edit 1.0, a separate DLL file has to be placed in the SubCreator working directory. SubCreator has been tested on Win98 PL, WinNT 4.0 Eng, Win2000 PL, Win 98 Japanese, Win XP Eng and Win XP NL.

  • Support for Far East languages has been added. Of course not all features are available for those languages. (E.g. automatic line dividing). Although this feature isn't visually impressive it required lots of changes in almost all source codes. It has been tested under Win 98 Japanese.

  • Multilevel undo feature has been added. Use Ctrl-Z for undoing an action and Ctrl-Shift-Z to redo an action.

  • A "Smart adding of timestamp" feature has been added which automatically scrolls the content of the script file to the proper place and moves the caret to the next beginning of a subtitle line.

  • You can define the amount of time by which the timestamp will be decreased when adding a timestamp during movie playback. This is a correction time for you reflex

  • Added the possibility to change the default duration of selected lines. You don't have to toil over placing proper repetition lines or empty lines which shortens duration time anymore. Just use Ctrl-Q to increase or CTRL-E to decrease duration times. The "auxiliary lines" will be added automatically when necessary.

  • You can specify the "advance time" if you want to synchronize the movie time to the time of the current subtitle line.

  • Each Open dialog can now open both a script file and a movie file simultaneously. Also a new drag and drop feature can accept both files. SubCreator should properly distinguish text files from movie files.

  • Removed bugs related with the new line character. SubCreator should properly handle text files written in DOS/UNIX/MAC/Amiga format. All files are written in DOS format.

  • Corrected bug that occurred when exporting a script file to SRT format.

  • Added a popup menu to all text editors in the SubCreator. It is also possible to search for any text in the Processing dialog and in the Export dialog.

  • Added "Interactive Line dividing" feature to the Processing dialog. This function supports dividing an over lengthy subtitle line into two shorter ones. Start times and duration times are set automatically. Now you don't have to worry about a subtitle that take 3, 4 or more lines on a screen. Of course this function does not guarantee voice synchronization (yet:)

  • Added Tip of the Day dialog. There are a lot of people who do not use help system for unknown reasons;)

Proceed to download page.
[11/9/2001]SubCreator version 1.1 is out!!!
People are reporting bugs in SubCreator, so some more important are placed on a Bugs Reporting page.
So far I am working on a more intelligent adding timestamps and multilevel undo.
[10/18/2001]SubCreator version 1.0 is ready!
SubCreator version 1.0 beta is ready at last!
A freeware tool supporting the process of subtitles creation. It is a combination of a movie player and a subtitle editor in one with many special feature added. More on this tool you can find on the Download page.

Whew! It was a lot of work. SubCreator was scheduled by me on the middle august, but writing help was very time-consuming process. Also polishing the program and adding some new features took me another couple of weeks. Near the end I have added SAMI format support...
Never less - it's ready now. You can download and use it for free. Then you can tell me what do you think about this tool. What can be improved and what can be changed.
So far below is a list of what I wish to add in the next version:
  • style support (but without complicating the timing process) - this would be tough and will be connected with even stronger SSA format support,
  • better parsing of SAMI scripts,
  • improving GUI,
  • improving displaying of subtitles
[4/12/2001]Asfcut 2.0 is out!
A tool for cutting, joining and repairing Windows Media files (ASF, ASX, WMV,...)
[2/1/2001]Large update of my homesite!
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