was created in year 2001 and was initially devoted to my interests towards multimedia processing. However it got quickly transformed into a popular platform providing free tools and applications for authoring and processing of multimedia content.

Over 20 years of experience in software development and constant striving for perfection in creating of simple but yet solid and reliable tools resulted in availability of professional applications equipped in features unique across the world. They are intended for users seeking maximum performance as well as the highest possible reliability.

This sevice offers amongst others such applications as: SubCreator, BinVote or Palabra. Particularly noteworthy is AsfBin, the most popular and unique application for processing audio/video files, regarded as the most reliable, efficient and powerful tool for repairing and editing files in ASF/WMV format. It was published many times on such magazines as NetRunner or PCWorld.

One of my main assumptions and ideals, common to those creators of free software in early Internet era adhered to, was sharing the effects of your work with others for free, with no adware, malware or any other undesired additions bundled together.

Applications available on Radioactive Software site are recommended by many multimedia related services and are used now by one of the biggest TV networks or mobile operators across the world. All published applications are constantly updated, bugs are fixed and new versions released regularly.

Radek Strugalski

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