Radioactive Software Licensing

All software is free of charge for non-commercial purposes only. If you want to use available here software in a commercial way, you will need to purchase one of the commercial version described below. This will enable you to have an organization branded version of the software, which will clearly demarcate that it is for commercial use by your organization and your organization only.
Commercial licenses are priced per user or per organization. In the later case the price can be subject to the number of machines the software is installed on.

For more information about purchasing commercial versions, please send an enquiry using Contact form or directly this e-mail address:

Available products:

Name Bundle type License Type Pricing

Binaries Per user 25 Euro
Per organization Negotiable
Wersja DLL Per organization Negotiable
Full Source Code Version Per organization Negotiable
Custom Versions   See Outsourcing section.
How to purchase?

Binaries only None FREEWARE
How to purchase?
Up to version 1.2

Binaries only None FREEWARE

How to purchase:

In order to purchase a product, please, send an equiry using this contact form or write us directly at specifying the name of the product you want to purchase, type of the license, optionally, please specify the number of machines it will be installed on, and finally the name of an organization to be embedded in the binaries, DLLs etc.
Payment options will be given to you within the e-mail reply as soon as possible, usually in the same day.

If you are interested in having some customized version of any of the specified above products, please follow to the Outsourcing section.


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