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My adventures with electronics started already 30 years ago that is when I started reading and, although my career went on a software development path, most of my time when I wasn’t actually working on software, I spend on aspects of perfect sound reproduction. My main interests were mostly around the design and built of audio power amplifiers which parameters would beat the typical constructions available on the market in a given price range.

The next most important criteria of my designs were solidity, reliability and aesthetics of the construction. My previous experience in working in a visual advertisement firm where I was working on logo designs, posters or packing helped me a lot with these tasks.

Here I would like to share some information on two of my constructions: an integrated power amplifier I’ve built between years 1998-2001 and a headphone amplifier I’ve completed in 2014 - Radon 222, which is now available to order.

Commercially available
Hi-End Headphone Amplifier
Single prototype only
Hi-End Power Amplifier