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[7/27/2014]Hi-End headphone amplifier Radon 222 is ready!
From a prototype to a final version!
It took me an entire year to work on the optimisation of the project. Starting from a very careful design of PCB, through design of the case toward the final product. Then selection of parts suppliers, long search for aluminium case maker, through assembly of cases and electronics, testing and final optimization. But it was worth it!

Main features and improvements since prototype:
  • Full Dual Mono architecture 2x8W (2x2.3W operating in pure class A). This is the only solution that allows for proper ground topology when using Phono outputs.
  • Symmetry across all PCBs along with uncompromised ground paths topology which made possible decreasing the noise and power line hum to inaudible levels.
  • Improved power supply and added surface mounted high class ceramic capacitors to improve impulse response throughout the entire signal path.
  • All connectors and relays used in a signal path are duplicated to decrease distortions and improve damping factor.
  • Maximum load resistance 20Ω (output voltage p-to-p ±10V, THD <0.01%
  • Harmonic distortions (THD) <0.0003%
  • Intermodulation distorions (IMD) <0.0033%
Click here for more info on Radon 222.

[3/10/2013]New project - old passion: A Headphone Amplifier
Before end of the year I decided to take a short break from coding and came back to my old and the most important hobby - electronics, which I was dealing with already before I was able to read.;)
In just 8 weeks I have made a design and built from scratch a prototype Hi-End headphone amplifier. I was starting just from bare materials like wood, aluminium and of course a pile of electronic parts and rolls of wires.
I wanted to check the design and start with production in case parameters are promisingly good.
[10/24/2010]Site migrated to ASP.NET
The site has been migrated to ASP.NET technology to allow us making changes and updates much easier. We expect however the possibility to have some technical difficulties during initial days of the run, for what we are sincerely apologizing.
This move has been done to prepare the site for the major releases that are going to happen pretty soon. Stay tuned!
[2/13/2004]Problems with accessing
Since 5th February I was moving the whole site to another site provider. Some unforeseen problems occured and the site was not accessible till today. Therefore I would like to apologize for all the inconveniece it could cause.
[2/11/2003]Site moved to an independent domain!
At last I have moved my whole site to a new domain. From now on I am using a different service provider. I hope that this will give me more possibilities to extent my site functionality as well as software itself.
I hope that the move won't cause to many problems to you.
[1/10/2003]With New Year a new web site layout.
Maybe not quite new site graphics, but the layout has been totally changed. It is prepared to adopt a new application. There are also some changes in the SubCretor section. A new topic, "SubCreator Language Versions" has been added.
Section "About" was expanded and a new page devoted to my second big hobby, electronics, has been added. There you can read about a Hi-Fi amplifier I have made myself.
[8/6/2002]100.000 Hits !!!!!
Of course I have missed the moment. Now a counter shows above 102000 hits!
Cool, this is really cool, hehe hehe hehe ;-)))
But where is champagne?
[2/1/2001]Large update of my homesite!
RadioactivePages beginnings!