Plans for the future:  [Last update on 18.10.2014]

I will have to make some distinction in the goals I want to achieve in the future. First of all this site mainly focuses on the software products I create, so the software develpoment plans will be set on the first place. Then of course plans connected with the web site evolution. Maybe if this will be not too personal I will put here some plans not connected with the software develpoment. For example something connected with my hobbies.

Software Development


As this tool seems to be very useful for many people and companies around the world I feel obligated to spent most time on this. Therefore the list will be long.
  • Linux porting. DONE!
  • Adding preview capability in AsfBin GUI version. DONE!
  • Writing recompression based on DMO codecs. DONE!
  • Conversion from AVI to WMV. Maybe.
  • Other conversions
  • Writing .NET wrapper.DONE!

SubCreator Finally!

Start work immediately after finishing site migration to ASP and releasing Asfbin 1.8 Window App!
  • Correct very old bugs. DONE!
  • Add support for one more file format (import/export). DONE!
  • Fix video player. DONE!
  • Fix some keyboard shortcuts. DONE!
  • See what's up with new versions of richedit.
  • Combine subcreator with the best player ever, which is quite working already. There is still no player which is intuitive and has basic features like Pan-Scan, Subtitles with different options, good keyboard and Secondary monitor handling.

Web site

  • Update layout to become more professional.
  • Separate audio from Software.
  • Add blogging capability.
  • Improve SEO.


  • Improve visibility of work progress over a new headphone amplifier.
  • Update thread on Radioactive SHA1.0 on
    Simply because is stricly commercial site focused on large producers with big money only. I cannot afford spending a 500$ a month (!!!) to be able to speak about what I am doing.

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