BinVote: List of known issues and bugs:

  1. Empty so far :D

Bugs reporting:

Before reporting a bug please read attached Readme.txt and check whether a command you typed is valid. Furthermore, please read all the details available on my homepage. Usage of BinVote isn't simple, because the problem it tries to solve isn't simple. Of course having nice GUI is good but I simply didn't manage to find time for it. I had to focus in essential functionality.

Also check if the bug you found isn't already listed on the known bugs list above.
Then if You are really, REALLY sure that something is wrong, redirect output to some text file. Then together with the bug description add this file as a hint for me to understand a cause of an error. Without that log file it will be almost impossible to correct a bug.

A command causing an error:
binvote some.wav -g -y -maxg 50 out.wav
Then change that command into:
binvote some.wav -g -y -maxg 50 out.wav > log.txt
Logs will be stored in the log.txt file in your current directory.
Send a bug report to the address with Subject "BINVOTE Bugs Report" added.
All reports about language mistakes are also appreciated.
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