SubCreator: List of known bugs:

  1. Video playback related.
    Playback is speeded up when using MCI on movies of certain types. Solution: switch to one of DirectShow engines.

List of corrected bugs:

Very long :-)

Bugs reporting:

Before reporting a bug please see carefully through the provided help system. Also check if the bug you found isn't already listed on the Known bugs List above.
If you found an error related to video playback then please check if this error is not caused by improper or hacked codec you use. Also check if bug occurs in both engines: MCI and DirectShow. If you have problems with certain movies on both engines then try to play them directly under Windows Media Player or better, under Media Player Classic and see what happens. If video plays correctly then please report the problem to me.

In the bug report you send, please note what operating system you are using and please attach detailed steps to reproduce an error. If it is necessary then attach script file as well. In extreme cases I can accept also video files causing an error, but first please, tell how big it is.

Send bug reports using Contact form or directly to this e-mail address: including "SubCreator Bug" in the Subject will speed the process of fixing it.

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