AsfBin: List of known issues and bugs:

  1. AsfbinWin 1.8.0 related. Setting Attributes is not possible with this version.
    FIXED in 1.8.1!
  2. AsfbinWin 1.8.0 related. Setting Markers and Script commands is broken with this version.
    FIXED in 1.8.1!
  3. AsfbinWin 1.8.0 related. Warning is shown that precise copying is not possible. This is false alarm. To see if the file can be really cut precisely, please add and remove the file twice.
    FIXED in 1.8.1!
  4. The -rkf option may not work in all cases. In particular -rkf works only with following video compression formats: MP43, MP42 and WMV3. Still it is not quarantied that those formats will be processed correctly. This is connected with the need of decoding and encoding video frames, which is done using VCM drivers. It may happen that the driver used by AsfBin will not be 100% compatible with the codec used during creation of a given ASF file, what may cause the image to be scrabled or just black.
    Please check the output file(s) for a correct results. It is sufficient to check only first few seconds of the resulting file and segment junctions.
    It looks like not possible to fix.
  5. Some ASF files seems to be of the same format, however in fact they are created using different encoding software. In such a case the video can go scrambled after crossing the junction.
    So far AsfBin is unable to compare the type of compression so precisely to avoid joining such files together.
    It looks like not possible to fix.

Bugs reporting:

Before reporting a bug please read attached Readme.txt and check whether a command you typed is valid. Also check if the bug you found isn't already listed on the Known bugs List above.
Then if You are REALLY sure that something is wrong, please add a -debug switch and redirect the output to some text file. Then, please, attach this file together with the bug description sent in e-mail to me.
Without that log file it will be almost impossible to correct a bug.

How to create a log file in command line version:

A command causing an error:
asfbin -i some.asf -o test.asf -start 2:00 -dur 120
Then change that command into:
asfbin -i some.asf -o test.asf -start 2:00 -dur 120 -debug > log.txt
Logs will be stored in the log.txt file.

How to create a log file in windows version:

Start AsfBinWin and select file(s) to process. Click Advanced Settings button. In the dialog box that will appear check the "Write log file to" option and select the destination file. Select Details or Debug mode, close the dialog box and perform actions causing problems. Logs will be stored in the desired location.

I recommend also downloading the debug version of asfbin which can show more detailed description of the appearing error. It can be downloaded here.
Send a bug report to address with Subject "AsfBin Bugs Report".

All reports about language mistakes are also appreciated:)

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