AsfBin tools

This section is devoted for tools based on the asfbin code which are related with ASF file format processing or parsing.


This is a command line utility for validation input ASF for conformance with Advanced Systems Format (ASF) Specification Revision 01.20.02. All warnings and errors are reported through utility return value.

It's free for evaluation purposes.


asfvalidator (-i|-in) <input_file> [-dur <expected_duration in s>] [-verbose] [-details] [-debug] [-noclean]
  • -verbose -details and -debug mean verboseness levels from lowest to highest.
  • <input_file> is a path to the input ASF file to be checked.
  • <expected_duration in s> is an expected duration in seconds. Decimal point can be used. Audio stream and video streams are checked separately. If the distance between the first and the last sample is greater than given expected time an error is returned (code 19).
  • -noclean if not set causes asfvalidator to check if all video streams start with key frame. (code 22 is returned if this kind of failure is detected.)

Sample command line options:
  • asfvalidator -i myfile.asf
  • asfvalidator -i myfile.asf -details
  • asfvalidator -i myfile_is_30sec_long.asf -verbose -o out.asf -dur 30

As an output comment the asfvalidator application returns a conformance level from a fully conforming, through minor and major warnings to major errors status if detected. After asfvalidator returns an ERRORLEVEL environmental variable holds result code.

Below is the full list of all error codes that can be returned when parsing ASF files:

0x10000000 (268435456)
An internal application error.
0x10000001 (268435457)
File open error.
0x00000003 (3)
When reached unexpected end of file. File is cut or downloading was interrupted.
0x00000004 (4)
Header object block is smaller than expected.
0x10000005 (5)
An internal application error. (Memory allocation problem).
0x00000006 (6)
Packet error encountered.
0x00000007 (7)
No payload data.
0x00000008 (8)
Invalid data in the header object was encountered.
0x00000009 (9)
No file properties object was found in ASF header.
0x0000000a (10)
More than one header or no header at all detected or index object with no data object appeared.
0x1000000b (268435467)
Internal application error.
0x1000000c (268435468)
Error writing output file.
0x0000000d (13)
Incomplete object was detected. Usually when parsing a header object of variable length such as strings.
0x0000000e (14)
Expected object was not found in the ASF header or in data packet.
0x0000000f (15)
Internal error when writing data packets.
0x00000012 (18)
No streams in the file to process or bad sample order detected.
0x00000013 (19)
Audio or video stream is shorter than expected.
0x00000017 (23)
There was an attempt to write to a read-only file.
0x10000018 (24)
Input file is too short to hold a valid ASF file.
0x00000019 (25)
Expected sample of given stream was not found.
0x0000001a (26)
No streams were found in the processed file.
0x0000001e (30)
Internal error. Sample order error.
0x00000020 (32)
File does not conform to ASF Specification.

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